Role: Concept, Director, Editor

For Timeless I was commissioned by Gershon Kingsley to create a conceptual video for his 90th birthday. When I was asked by Gershon to create this video with total creative freedom, I was honored. Gershon is esteemed contemporary music composer and a pioneer of electronic music, best known for his composition 'Popcorn’, a ground breaking record for the history of electronic music. He was also the founder of the Moog Quartet, the first act ever to bring a synthesizer into Carnegie hall.

For this piece I created the illusion of slowing time. By deconstructing video footage from Gershon’s career, I was able to frame by frame reconstruct these video’s at 1% of their original speed, creating the illusion of time nearly stopping. The extra life I was able to give each of these clips represents just how timeless his music has become. The piece is exactly nine minutes in length, representing the momentous occasion of his 90th year on this earth.